Roadmapping Workshop

Need help getting started? Schedule a roadmapping workshop with the Crow and Raven team.

Do you have an early-stage business or product idea? Set up a 4-hour roadmapping workshop with our team to transform your next big idea into an actionable plan.

If you don't have everything ironed out just yet. No worries. Crow and Raven can help you take the problem you are solving and translate that into specific functionality. Then we'll take a look at a high level how it will all play out with your desired timeframe.

In the end, you'll have a clear visual of how it will all fit together. You'll, also, end up with a specific list of functionality that we (or someone else) can use to give you an accurate cost on your project. After all, if you getting bids on your new idea, it's best to have everyone bidding on the same thing, right?

Tell us a little bit about your idea, your timeline, and how far along you are in execution.