Product Design

From napkin sketch to finished digital product, we can help you get your idea to market quicker.

So what is a (digital) product?

Why that's an excellent question. Thanks for asking. We feel a digital product is more like a website on steroids. Digital products typically are a business unto themselves and not just a digital brochure for your product or service. They usually come in the form of paid content platforms, Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, custom APIs, aggregators, e-learning platforms, or even a simple e-commerce transactional application. However, the sky's the limit. What do you want to create?

How do we do it?

Define the problem

We're big fans of the "Jobs to Be Done Theory" popularized by Clayton Christensen. So, the first step is to define what your customers are hiring your product to do. Then we'll help you determine the functionality to deliver on their expectations.

User research

Next, we'll research your customers, competitors, complementors, and substitutes. Sometimes we'll interview, survey, observe, or conduct additional market research with the help of our partner strategists.

Build, Test, and Repeat

At some point, we'll start creating. That often begins with prototyping to test ideas and eventually to migrate that into the final product. Throughout the journey, we favor working code and quick iterations over excessive documentation and meetings. We feel it gets you there faster.

Deliver a Great Experience

In the end, we'll help you launch your new product. That may be a minimum viable product (MVP) or a more robust and mature final version. Then we'll be available to help you grow your baby if needed. We prefer long-term partnerships because we usually fall in love with the products we create.

Need help getting started?

Do you have an early-stage business or product idea? Set up a 4-hour Roadmapping Workshop with our team to transform your next big idea into an actionable plan.

If you don't have everything ironed out just yet, that's cool. Crow and Raven can help you take the problem you are trying to solve and translate that into specific functionality. Then we'll take a look at a high level and forecast how it will all play out with your desired timeframe.

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