Designing a new brand and online learning platform to revolutionize human resilience training


The BASE-R training methodology was created to help military and law enforcement personnel build resilience by you balancing the stress response, improve self-regulation, and increase performance. Now, the creators of the methodology wanted to take their proven teachings to larger and more diverse audiences.


Crow and Raven helped the BASE-R creators take their very specialized training to the next level. First, we created a new brand that better reflected their value proposition and transformed their service into a product. Then we built a custom e-learning platform that allowed their team to reach larger audiences at a lower cost with faster delivery.


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From a service to a product that scales

Let’s say you have a proven training methodology that’s guaranteed to improve a participant’s stress response in high-performance jobs.

However, the training is usually conducted in-person through a series of time-intensive and costly lectures and interactive exercises. This type of training is usually preferable. However, it can be expensive and time-consuming.

How can you update the delivery of your methodology to be able to train larger and more diverse audiences? After all, there are relatively few coaches who can deliver this training, and not everyone can afford to fly in an elite training team for some custom one-on-one coaching.

Stephen leading a class of soldiers

EVENPULSE founder, Stephen Robinson, leading a class of soldiers.

It's not what you call passive learning.

It's not what you call passive learning.

Enter EVENPULSE. The founders of MAGIS Group LLC, Stephen and Elizabeth Robinson, came to Crow and Raven with an initial concept of creating an e-learning tool that would allow them to expand the delivery of their training methodology to serve new audiences at a lower cost as well as supplement their existing onsite training efforts.

Crow and Raven helped MAGIS rebrand their company and re envisioning their proven training methodology as a product and not just a service.

Clients and customers increasingly expect online offerings as a training delivery option. Likewise, the MAGIS team wanted to leverage the scalable power of online learning. So, in addition to the rebrand and a new marketing website, we created a online education (e-learning) platform that allowed Stephen and team to recreate their onsite training as a cohesive and complete series of interactive online courses using video and supplementary materials to replicate their practical onsite training at a lower cost where participants can learn at their speed.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Stephen and his interdisciplinary team have trained over 20,000 people in high-stress, high-performance jobs including two Army Brigade Combat Teams, FEMA, and 3 of the 4 USSOCOM component commands, including the Army Green Berets and Navy SEALs. Their methodology was, also, the subject of a 3-year, $3MM research study with 6,000 U.S. deploying U.S. military combat soldiers. Framed by brain-body science and the renowned methodology BASE-R™, the training was shown to have significant positive impacts on team cohesion and the ability to self-regulate stress and increase well-being over a prolonged period.

With proof that their training worked, Stephen and Elizabeth wanted to take it to more audiences. Specifically professional and recreational athletes, corporate leaders, and tactical performers like firefighters, police, and first responders.

New audiences included professional and recreational athletes, corporate leaders, and tactical performers like firefighters, police, and first responders.

The basic challenge was that in-person training was often costly for smaller organizations and individuals. And there were only so many groups that Stephen and his team could train any given year.

Building a new brand

To start the project we worked with our naming and identity partners to establish a new brand for the training. We were looking for a name and a tagline for the methodology that was memorable and felt more like a product and not just a service.

After a bit of exploration, we arrived at EVENPULSE: The Science of Human Resilience

To round out the branding exercise, we also created a new logo, color palette, typography suite, brand manifesto, and established a new voice and position through an interactive archetype workshop.

The new website needed to support MAGIS' current and future onsite training offerings. To that end, Crow and Raven redesigned and re-architected the main site, leveraging updating messaging and content that translated into higher converting pages with clear


EVENPULSE logo design

The final version of the EVENPULSE logo.

Screenshot of EVENPULSE color palette

The primary and secondary color palette


Screenshot of typography research

Typography research looking at font styles

Screenshot of typography example

Typography usage and style guides continued

Creating an e-learning platform

Then we went to work creating an online learning platform that was very similar to the in-person training experience. The advantage of the online platform was the inclusion of a catalog which allows the EVENPULSE team to offer a wide variety of courses catering to many different client verticals as well as ongoing learning opportunities available to students after they’ve completed their primary coursework.

screenshot of EVENPULSE e-learning catalog

Screenshot of the new course catalog for the e-learning platform.

A separate video was shot for each course module, and Stephen was positioned to be talking directly to the student. Throughout each module, Stephen would reference the accompanying materials for the module and pause for the participant to interact just as in real life.

Screenshot of EVENPULSE lesson detail

Screenshot of a lesson detail page for the e-learning platform.

To test knowledge gained, we created an optional quiz at the end of each module. If the instructor chooses to include a quiz at the end of the module, the student will have to pass the quiz to proceed to the next module.

Upon completion of the course, a participant can download a certificate of completion. The certificate was a particularly useful feature as many people take courses like this for professional development and need to show proof to their supervisors in the form of continuing education units (CEU) or continuing education credits (CEC).

Other areas we assisted with were te creation of a paid blog content area used for continuing education, email campaigns and templates, lead generation pages, content strategy, and product pricing.

Visit https://evenpulse.com to learn more.

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