Monroe Group/Steele Properties

Developing human-centered brands for two partner companies with a goal of preserving affordable housing


Steele Properties is a national real estate investment company specializing in the acquisition, rehabilitation and new construction of affordable multifamily rental properties, and Monroe Group is one of the fastest-growing affordable housing property management companies.


Two fresh, inspiring, and unified brands that showcase human impact. We developed the brand language, site architecture for the marketing and property sites, and renewed user experience from scratch to bring them to the next level, support growth, and help achieve their mission.


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Address the need for consistency.

How do we create two strong, complementary brand languages for Steele Properties and Monroe Group to communicate their offerings and impact to key audiences?

While Steele has successfully completed over $700 million in acquisitions, sales, and development activity involving over 50 properties and 5,000 units, including over 40 tax credit projects, they needed a refreshed brand and website to elevate their impact and credibility to facilitate landing larger portfolios. Steele Properties LLC is a Denver-based national real estate investment company specializing in the acquisition, rehabilitation and new construction of affordable multifamily rental properties. The company was formed in 2006 with the mission to preserve, improve and increase affordable housing opportunities for vulnerable communities across the country.

Monroe Group, the property-management partner company of Steele Properties, has grown to become one of the country’s fastest-growing affordable housing property management companies with a portfolio of more than 50 multi-unit properties in 15 states across the country serving families, seniors and persons with disabilities. Monroe Group also needed a brand language and website that better told their story of providing all people, regardless of their income, age or abilities, deserve a safe, clean place to live for over 30 years.

Between the two companies, we needed to showcase the human impact through the brand and tell a unified, complementary story that resonated with stakeholders.


little girl on slide

Monroe Group believes that by supporting and strengthening the communities in which their residents live, we are also improving their quality of life.

Tell a human impact story.

Developing a refreshed brand language and interface using a photo-centric design to communicate the two brand messages more effectively.

This website redesign was an opportunity to energize and grow the Monroe Group and Steele Properties audience, engage stakeholders, build their network, and encourage support. The new website needed present the Monroe’s work in a way that inspires and connects users, with easy ways to get information and engage with the organization from any device. We simplified the site architecture and design greatly by using a photo-centric design to communicate the brand message more effectively for both brands.

Monroe website homepage
Monroe Group website
Steele website homepage
Steele Properties website

Design for growth.

Monroe Group needed to focus more on the people and concepts of “home” and “community,” whereas Steele Properties needed to focus on properties, given that their core audience was potential investors.

We developed the brand guidelines for both companies and website design for the marketing site and property sites. The redesigned website built off of the newly established brand identity, featuring messaging about why the organization exists, the challenges they were are addressing, and how each company works toward achieving their mission.

"By building the site to promote storytelling and thought leadership, we simplified the design to only include what showcased the brand as a high-impact organization." Liz Blasi

Monroe color palette Monroe color palette

Monroe photo styles Monroe photo styles


Steele photo styles Steele photo styles

Steele typography styles Steele typography styles


Step into the next frontier.

With a renewed brand and website design, Monroe Group and Steele Properties have the tools they need to grow their impact and mission.

Steele Properties plans to transition from acquiring single units to portfolios, and consequently, Monroe Group will grow their property base to provide more homes for families. We are proud to have work with both organizations and to have provided a platform to share their story.

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