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Radiant Advisors is an independent research and advisory firm that delivers innovative research and thought-leadership to transform today's organizations into tomorrow's data-centric industry leaders. They needed a new website that showcased and organized their thought-leading content, research, and analyst reports.


A practical and flexible site design and custom CMS that supports their plans for growth, and fosters building a “Radiant Network” through their unique content. The simple site design and resources section resonates with and serves as a resource for executive sponsors, analytic leaders, and enterprise architects.


Web Design · Web Development · Content Strategy · API Integration

A refreshed brand and messaging

How do you create a website design that will support the efforts of the Radiant Advisors brand, and build a foundation for lead generation opportunities?

The primary goal of the project was to create a new website design that will support the efforts of the Radiant Advisors brand. We needed to create a new responsive website that was both modern and comfortable to use. Through the design phase, we extended the Radiant Advisors visual identity to the pages and content to provide an excellent user experience and a fresh spin on showcasing their innovative thought-leadership content.

Functionality included in the basic website includes:

  • Clean and modern design
  • Responsive-looks great on all devices and viewports
  • Ability to add/edit pages (homepage or landing pages)
  • Single category blog to support products/services
  • Google Analytics to track behavior

Home page.

A robust home for content

We created a searchable resource library to accommodate countless articles, reports, videos, etc. This functionality positioned Radiant Advisors as thought leaders and provide them with many opportunities for lead generation to raise awareness and drive new client acquisition over time.

Functionality included:

  • Add any document or file, submit an abstract, and social sharing tools for an unlimited number of resources
  • Searchable through full-text search and tags/keywords
  • Lead generation forms to capture visitor information and provide access to the repository

Resource Library

Building the Radiant Network

We created a user-management system where the team could easily track lead generation opportunities by creating user accounts where visitors can log in, view content, save/bookmark content, and other potential uses. We also built the framework that paves the way to add paid subscriptions to the platform.

Functionality included:

  • Ability to create user accounts for visitors to authenticate and gain access to resources in the content repository
  • Capture marketing and usage information on registered visitors for further marketing purposes
  • Connect email marketing preferences with MailChimp for email lists
  • Create the base foundation to offer paid subscriptions and other custom content/access in future phases.

Work With Us landing page.

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