University of Colorado: Silicon Flatirons Center

Partnering with technology policy and innovation center for a modernizing reboot


Silicon Flatirons needed a site and functionality that represented their organization and could serve as a soundboard for their publications & events, as well as a responsive design style that would resonate with technologists, entrepreneurs, and legal professionals.


Because events are at the center of Silicon Flatiron’s online and offline experience, we focused on improving their visibility and presentation. Crow & Raven improved the user experience of the event discovery, registration, and management through design & development.


Content Strategy · UX Design · Web Design · Web Development · API Integration

Design for credibility.

How do you create a design that is both professional and functional, while speaking to technologists, entrepreneurs, and legal professionals?

This website redesign was an opportunity to energize and grow the Silicon Flatiron’s audience, and develop a site design and experience that resonated with and better engaged their core audience. Silicon Flatirons is a center for innovation at the University of Colorado Boulder to serve students, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and professionals at the intersection of law, policy, and technology.

The website content and design had to speak toward the work and credibility of Silicon Flatirons, whose core mission is to “elevate the debate surrounding technology policy issues; support and enable entrepreneurship in the technology community; and inspire, prepare, and place students in these important areas.”


Upgrade the event registration experience.

Because events were core to their mission and offerings, we rebuilt the event functionality to be more robust, scalable, and support their needs over time:

  • Better access to and tracking of event attendee information,
  • Easier to add/update events
  • Confirmation emails to registered attendees
  • Prevent multiple registrations to a single event
  • Add multiple ways to view of upcoming events
  • "Add to my calendar" functionality
  • Better visual integration with RegOnline

Desktop – Events


Build an easy-to-use resource library.

Building searchable resource libraries to present articles, video, and research.

There was a wealth of information within the pages of the Silicon website, but before the redesign, this information was buried and didn’t support the organization’s communication goals. We took a fresh, modern approach to organize Silicon Flatirons publications and media to improve the overall user experience and help further promote the organization's thought leadership position.

A key consideration that drove the site’s simple design was the need for flexibility to support fresh events and publications over the course of the year. Silicon Flatirons focus on “students’ success, intellectual honesty, and interdisciplinary conversations to drive thoughtful technology policy,” and a “deep engagement with the community,” needed to be replicated in the overall site experience, without feeling stale. We took a simple approach to the design that would compliment the University of Colorado brand, while distinguishing the innovation center as a thought leader within the Colorado community - as well as the nation at large.

Know what's next.

Moving the needle for a more human-centered approach to Technology Policy, Entrepreneurship, and Law Innovation.

We are happy to have worked with Silicon Flatirons and developed a unique user experience to support promoting their events and mission.

Just as important as Silicon Flatirons role as a thought leader in technology policy, entrepreneurship, and law innovation is keeping the center user-centered, events-oriented, and innovative by offering the community opportunities to debate critical contemporary policy issues we’re facing today. As such, the site aims towards building and scaling Silicon Flatirons capability to better reach technologists, entrepreneurs, legal professionals, and the Colorado community at large.

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