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Supporting a D.C. nonprofit’s efforts to build tomorrow’s workforce by empowering under-resourced youth


Tell the story of Urban Alliance and the organization’s impact in a way that would both inspire and grow their audience. By developing the design and messaging that would articulate the ROI of supporting the internship to prospect job partners, the Urban Alliance team could use the website as a valuable sales tool to grow their internship program.


A fresh and inspiring website that showcases the human impact of building tomorrow’s workforce through the Urban Alliance internship program. We developed a user experience that showcased the impact of the program and helped buttress sales efforts while expanding and onboarding new companies.


UX Design · Research and Interviews · Web Design · Web Development · Content Strategy · API Integration

Uncover an untapped opportunity.

Urban Alliance empowers under-resourced youth to "aspire, work, and succeed through paid internships, formal training, and mentorship." They've worked with over 500 businesses to put 3,000 young people on a path to economic success.

This website redesign was an opportunity to energize and grow the Urban Alliance audience and encourage people to join Urban Alliance as a job partner, intern, donor, or supporter.

We're just getting started screenshot

We're just getting started. Statistics on the new homepage illustrating UA's impact.

The website redesign served as an opportunity to leverage Urban Alliance's 20th anniversary, a historical achievement and way to buttress a brighter future for everyone involved with Urban Alliance.

Discover leverage points for effective storytelling.

To identify leverage points for how to frame the ROI for prospect job partners, we conducted a series of interviews with current Education Directors, the stakeholders responsible for selling the internship program and onboarding new partners. Even when there isn’t a budget for user research or testing, we prioritize both in the discovery phase of the project.

One of the key website goals was to build a user experience that supplemented Education Director’s sales efforts when pitching the internship to prospect job partners. However, we had little insight into what talking points were the most effective in convincing prospect job partners to adopt the program. Additionally, we needed to find out what questions the job partners were asking throughout the sales cycle, and how to address these issues and concerns through the website.

We set up a series of four, 30-min phone interviews with each of the Education Directors from Chicago, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Virginia. Through these interviews, we gained a better understanding of the sales cycle, pain points, and opportunities the ED’s faced in selling the ROI of the internship program to prospect job partners. We found what data and social proof were the most effective “conversion tools” and used these themes to highlight on the “job partners” page of the website.

Beyond the emotional excitement that the new website design needed to generate lies a rational and pragmatic justification for job partners. The website content and design needed to speak toward the trust, credibility, and operational excellence of Urban Alliance.


Sitemap screen 1

Sitemap screen 2


Sitemap screen 3

Sitemap screen 4

Focus on social proof to communicate benefits.

We wanted to use social proof, real stories, and data point to communicate the values and benefits of the job partner participation and address the risk-averse nature of potential job partners. The values and benefits of job partner participation needed clear delivery in a way that resonated with stakeholders and decision makers, even those potentially disconnected from the program itself.

Therefore, we structured the architecture and messaging to highlight both the economic and social impact for prospect job partners. We utilized statistics accompanied with real images to showcase the engagement between a job partner and intern.

UA wireframes

A few screenshots from the wireframing process during the information architecture stage.

Build tomorrow's workforce today.

Since the new Urban Alliance site launched, it has helped serve as a valuable sales tool to connect Urban Alliance with prospect job partners and showcases what they a can expect from investing in the program.

Responsive web design is baked into everything we create

Responsive web design is baked into everything we create.

Their new web presence highlights the lineage of the economic and human impact of the program while supporting Urban Alliance's efforts to expand the program to new locations.

Screenshot of the newly redesigned homepage

The newly redesigned homepage.

Learn more at https://theurbanalliance.org/

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