Westcon-Comstor: Bluesky Platform

Redesigning the user experience for a leading cloud business intelligence platform


The primary goal of the project is to understand how resellers are using BlueSky as an order management tool in their daily tasks and to understand the touch points between other systems that are critical to making business decisions.


Through user testing, interviews, and surveys, we identified the current gaps and technical strategy for optimizing the front-end of the platform to enable more repeatable BlueSky deployments by country, vendor, and product.


Branding · UX Design · User Testing · Interviews · Prototyping

A framework for flexibility

How do you create a better user experience and framework to help a reseller manage the selling cloud products?

Using a user-centered, systems-oriented, iterative approach to user testing, we developed a framework for flexible, modular platform components that supported the reseller's goals to make critical business decisions, as well as Westcon's roll-out strategy for the platform over time.

To create a flexible design and user experience for BlueSky that would best meet the needs of the reseller, we had to understand the opportunities and constraints across regions and platforms that interfaced with BlueSky. We began the project by attending Westcon’s bi-annual “surge” meeting, where the team discusses their strategic plans for improving BlueSky and focus areas for the upcoming year.


Sometimes the first physical manifestation of innovation appears as sticky notes.

Ideation on potential focus areas for the upcoming year during the "surge" meeting.

Enhanced UX/UI

Our goal was to streamline the deployment process to support plans for growth by creating a consistent, useful platform framework.

The outcome of the iterative user testing approach we employed was an enhanced user experience and interface that facilitates achieving revenue projection goals for countries by vendor and product. We instituted a product strategy for a user-friendly, reseller-centric portal that supported Westcon’s efforts in building a world-class reseller experience for current and prospect Westcon-Comstor partners.


Workflow of the customer user journey

Outlining the "add a customer" journey

Screenshot of customers landing page

Customers landing page

Screenshot of reports detail page

Reports detail page

Screenshot of BlueSky dashboard and widgets

BlueSky dashboard and widgets

Improving the reseller experience

The BlueSky redesign was an opportunity to not only improve the reseller experience but also streamline the team’s deployment process by various vendors and products.

Based on a series of user testing sessions from Brazil resellers, we were able to outline the user journey and constraints of BlueSky and identify how the platform interfaced with user’s day-to-day business operations. We split up the user interview sessions into two sessions to allow for more focused sessions with the participants, and identify gaps. The first meeting was focused on gaining background information, whereas the second was focused on having the participants complete a series of tasks.

As a result of the user testing, we outlined the main platform sections that would meet the reseller’s goals, building a framework around the priority tasks they need to complete to manage their business on a daily basis.

The result of the project was a renewed product strategy and user experience for a more user-friendly, reseller-centric portal that would support Westcon’s efforts for building a world-class reseller experience for current and prospect Westcon-Comstor partners.


Screenshot of platform workflows


BlueSky UI kit

BlueSky platform screens and UI kit

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